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COVID-19: Sani Safe Responds Immediately to Customer Urgent Request

COVID-19 response requires immediate action

Sani Safe, a leading fabricator of polycarbonate, acrylic, and plastic materials, was challenged by a major U.S. grocer to outfit all of its U.S. stores with protective barriers at its checkout lanes.HEB Grocery, the United States’ largest independent grocer with over 400 stores, had an urgent need during a 10-day period for over 18,000 protective and sanitary barriers to be manufactured to the customer-specific sizes. They needed them delivered to the customer’s distribution centers, hubs, and stores, ready to be installed within hours of delivery.

Sani Safe Goes to Work

Sani Safe worked to build the initial prototypes and deliver to HEB within 2 days. After approval, Sani Safe went into a full production model, running multiple 10-12 hour shifts each day for 10 days. All of Sani Safe’s employees, machinery, and partners worked hand in hand to meet and exceed the request. In addition to sourcing all of the polycarbonate and acrylic materials needed for the project, during this time Sani Safe also purchased over 72,000 feet of Velcro hook & loop tape, and over 100,000 screws, utilizing each of these items for store specific kits. In some cases, Sani Safe purchased all available inventory within the supplier’s US
production facility.

Project is delivered successfully

Sani Safe pulled out all of the stops to meet the customer’s challenge. Bruce Vaio, President of Sani Safe, attributes the project’s success to the can-do attitude that exists within the company. “HEB came to us knowing what a big challenge they were offering us. 18,000 panels seemed near impossible given its timeline for completion, but HEB had over 25 years of working with our company and the current team to know that if it could be done, we would get it done. And we did!”

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